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June 5, 2012

Updates and Rambles

I don’t have any real goal for this post so we are just rolling with it today, how exciting right?

Update Number One: I updated my about me pages… nothing major just made it more relevant and changed around a few things.

Update Number Two: I got a twitter for this lovely blog o’ mine!¬† Follow me and I will promise to blow your mind daily with witty tand insightful thoughts… just kidding… I’m still learning but if you are willing to watch me try I would very much appreciate it and maybe ONE day blow your minds.¬†

Update Number Three:¬†I ran 7 miles over the weekend which was a very exciting accomplishment! I did not post about it because I used my garmin and got all distracted but it happened and this week when I move up in mileage I promise to actually post about it… I mean the Mad Marathon is just over a month away… gotta keep it up!

Update Number Four: I am down 7lbs since I moved home and thanks to my new found motivation (cough* cough* running in to the ex-boyfriend with a new girlfriend cough* cough*) I joined a gym close by work to take part in group exercise classes and use the scary-ass fun weight machines.  Judge me as needed for this girly admission, motivation is motivation however you slice it right?

Update Number Five: I crossed off something SUPER fun on my summer bucket list over the weekend.¬†I practiced for hours and think I have finally got it down to where I have myself convinced I look damn good doing it… if you read the list I think you will be able to tell you what I did but I’m going to make a completely separate post about it this week (maybe even a video… hello youtube fame) so hold on to your hats!

Update Number Six: I have spent the last four days watching the first season of House online.¬† I have seen House randomly and always loved it and now that I know it ended I want to watch all of the seasons so that is what I am working on.¬† I love it, I am a big fan of crime shows but the more I watch the less sleep I get.¬† House gives me that same drama of what is going to happen next except I’m just not thinking I’ll develop lepracy tomorrow… fingers crossed anyway!

Update Number Seven: I am joining the Foodie Penpals army! It is so exciting! Basically I’m going to be sending a food filled care package to a random blogger/reader ($15 max) and another blogger/reader will be sending me one as well.¬† June 30th is the reveal day of what we got and I am so pumped! I of course will cover more of the details when reveal day comes around but if you are interested definitely click on the link!¬† I hope the people I send¬†boxes to¬†like maple… gotta represent Vermont;)

Update Number Eight: It is the¬†Burlington Discover Jazz Festival this week!¬†This is such a¬†cool event put on by so many different vendors and local businesses to showcase some AMAZING talent from around the world.¬† I think I’m going to at least one show four out of the ten days it is put on so that in itself will be a really fun distraction.¬† I will probably be overposting about it so you have been warned!¬† You know I love me some people watching and music;)

Alright folks, I think you’ve had enough of my rambles now I am¬†busting out my first “questions” that I see everyone else post on their blogs (genious really) you guys are such trend setters.¬†

Have you done anything or looking forward to anything new and exciting lately? 

Is anyone else TERRIFIED of weight machines at the gym?

‚̧ Kari


June 4, 2012

My 365 Project: Week Five

Week 5

May 29th-June 4th

May 29: Bought wine at the grocery store and got this sweet wine tote bag.  It is like they are thanking me for being a wine-o.

May 30: Had time to paint my nails, naturally they had to be fire engine red:)

May 31: The hamburger cupcakes for my BBQ, so fun!

June 1: Baby sister hates photos but I got her in one anyway!

June 2: Grocery shopping at the local Co-op.

June 3: One of the hotels I work at is near Texas Roadhouse so they periodically drop off lunches for employees as incentives for sending guests their way… I did not mind this at all as Sunday is my “diet” cheat day.


June 4: My co-worker does AMAZING chalk drawings every week with new events going on.  How talented is this???

I have successfully completed a month in my 365 challenge and it has been so fun! I like to think I’ve busted out a fairly entertaining variety as well… I promise to keep getting better as the weeks go on:)

‚̧ Kari


June 3, 2012

HMT: Day 53

This weekend has been all about recharging my batteries and it feels great!

Saturday after work I hit up City Market in Burlington and got some grocery shopping in, Vermont doesn’t have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s (though they are always talking about them) so City Market is the closest version that I’ve really fallen in love with.

Came in $6 under my budget too, Woot! Woot!

After I got home I immediately got on the treadmill, I am one of those people who has to keep myself busy or else I will sit on the couch and NEVER move again. ¬†So I set up a goal to run for 25 minutes, no matter the distance, thanks to a certain show I like to call Gossip Girl and a complete season I have yet to watch (guilty pleasure) 25 minutes became 45 and I honestly couldn’t even tell you the distance I ran but it felt awesome. ¬†Then I did a 10 minute ab workout and felt pretty much exhausted.

Thank you Tone It Up Girls!

Next up, a lovely dinner made with the produce I just got at the market… I had my heart set on the mexi-potato skins¬†and had convinced myself I had an extra can of black beans until I removed every can from the pantry and realized I was mistaken. ¬†Holy terrible feeling. ¬†I got out a pot to boil some water and try a new spaghetti recipe but my heart was set on something Mexican so I bailed on that mission for another day.

Instead I diced up a red and yellow bell pepper, threw it in a pan with some olive oil and roasted them up with some chili powder. ¬†I heated up some refried beans and spread it over 3 small whole grain tortillas, once the peppers were roasted I put them on the top of the beans and sprinkled some mexi-blend cheese over the tops. ¬†In to the oven they went to broil up for about 5 minutes (on low) and boom… dinner was served.

Not bad on the fly but I should have crisped up the tortillas first because they got a little soggy. 

I then let myself relax with the first 125 pages of Fifty Shades of Grey. ¬†I don’t mean to offend anyone and I am totally interested if you have any thoughts on the book but as of right now… not a fan. ¬†I¬†can’t stand either of ¬†the characters, not even a little bit.

Final thought for this morning’s post. ¬†I will be honest and say I don’t know much about¬†pageants but I have definitely watched a few and I think it is a cool way to represent your state. ¬†I don’t think there is a year that goes by that I don’t check out who is that year’s Miss. Vermont (small state guys, I usually know them in some capacity).

In 2010 Miss. Vermont for the Miss. America pageant is¬†Caroline Bright. ¬†A very intelligent, spunky, and personable girl that I had the pleasure to briefly meet while she was the reigning “Governor” at the 2007 Green Mountain Girl’s State. ¬†I was always amazed with how she carried herself and managed to be so witty yet serious and engaging in every speech. ¬†At 22 (I believe) she is currently running for the Vermont State Senate and I wish her all the best.

¬†Next up, tonight is the Miss. USA pageant and this year’s Miss. Vermont is a girl named Jamie Dragon. ¬†Jamie happens to be from my small town of Milton, VT… small meaning one stop light and 10,000 people… practically family haha;) ¬†Though I do not know her personally I do know from everyone who went to school with her and from her family in the town she is a great candidate for the state. ¬†Genuine, kind, passionate and down to earth, basically everything a¬†good rep should be!¬†I hope for the best as she competes tonight!

Thanks for listening guys! Bring on Sunday Fun-day:)

‚̧ Kari

May 30, 2012

My 365 Project: Week Four

Week 4

May 22nd – 28th

May 22: We had some Korean guests in who gave me these as a present. Calories don’t count if you can’t read them right?

May 23: This is evidence of being sick and glued to a chair all day… it wasn’t pretty, you are lucky I’m covering my face.

May 24: Another view of Lake Champlain from Waterfront Park!

May 25: Found this in a shop downtown, I must have one!

May 26:¬†My first trip to the Magic Hat Brewery! I¬†am gonna be real honest with you folks, we did not actually tour but instead tasted free samples and bought growlers… I will make it back for an official tour someday soon though!

May 27: Vermont City Marathon starting line as taken from a friend’s patio. Not a bad view huh?

May 28: This bowl was once overflowing with watermelon… I have a serious¬†obsession.

I can’t believe week 4 is already in the books, time flies;)

‚̧ Kari

May 25, 2012

HMT: Day 45

Day: 45

Distance: 1 mile

Time: 10 minutes

Temperature: 70s and lovely!

Injuries: None

Yesterday I did a quick mile just to get some running legs going it was a beautiful morning and after being sicker than a dog I was happy to be functional. ¬† I also did an hour of yoga because I was pretty certain I would be sore today (I was right). ¬†Tonight is 4 miles and tomorrow is 2 miles, I’m starting to get a little anxious about the race afraid I won’t have done enough come race day. ¬†This weekend is the Vermont City Marathon and after completing the half twice, I am majorly jealous of all those running in it. ¬†It makes me excited to run my race in July! To all those running in the VCM, good luck and may the weather be on your side:)

Anyway yesterday afternoon the boy and I went for a quick lunch on Church Street at Ri Ra’s and then walked along the waterfront for 3 miles, it was a great day!

A beautiful day to be eating lunch on Church Street.

The best vegetarian patty I have ever had.

The Spirit of Ethan Allen on Lake Champlain.

We walked all the way down to North Beach.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

‚̧ Kari

May 19, 2012

Sweet, sweet, summer time!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, it is officially summer time!

My friends are home, work is crazy and the weather is beautiful… couldn’t be happier:)

I have a run post for tomorrow AND a post about my summer bucket list but today I’m just quickly writing about the delicious dinner I had with the boy yesterday.

We went to One Federal, a really cute favorite spot of the locals in St. Albans. ¬†A place we normally only go to on Thursdays for “Switchback Thursdays” as Dave’s friends have coined it, but yesterday we actually ate there and I must say it was fantastic.

I mean how cute is this place?

One, I still can’t tell you how much I appreciate the different people in Vermont… quirky, friendly, hippie, eclectic…

I basically think if you know a Vermonter you’re doing well for yourself;) ¬†

What makes me say this is that I thought our adorable waitress was awesome, the kind of waitress who checks on you but doesn’t over do it at all, the kind of waitress who rocks auburn hair with huge turquoise earrings, I loved it.

Two, I can’t tell you how much I miss certain parts of the south… the friends, the accents (I still say ya’ll) and of course the Vols…

So I ordered a drink called a “Southern Peach” and it was fabulous… the menu said in small print at the bottom “two drinks per customer” and I completely understand why… I felt it walking away from the table and I like to think I hold my liquor well.

Three, I still have extreme vegetarian tendencies… though I now eat meat I still feel weird sometimes and cooking it is virtually out of the question, so when I look at a menu I tend to go with a veggie option.

I got this portobello pesto panini and it was good, a little too burnt for my taste but it really was good, the filling was delicious! Everything on the menu looked great, to start I had a salad with “maple balsamic¬†vinaigrette… so good! Vermonters do maple well;)

Four, I am obsessed with dresses… I don’t know how to wear anything but… it works in the south, it works a little less back up here but I’m making it work, one day at a time.

So that was my lovely Friday evening, bring on more just like it this summer!

Happy weekend everyone:)

‚̧ Kari

May 12, 2012

HMT: Day 33

Not really a training day but as I put on my running shoes and put a mile in the books, I’ll call it one!

Day: 33

Distance: 1 mile

Time: 11:29 minutes

Temperature: Straight up gorgeous! 70s and no wind, beautiful.

Injuries:¬†Don’t think I ran long enough to feel hurt haha

In other news today after work I walked downtown to grab some lunch. ¬†If you have never been to Vermont there is a place in Burlington called Church St which is a quaint little pedestrian mall with all the best restaurants and shops. ¬†One day soon I’ll do a real post just about it (because it is amazing and I believe everyone should come visit at least once in their life) but today is more about the fact that I walked by a sidewalk sale for Outdoor Gear Exchange (my paradise) and stumbled on 3 for $10 wool socks!

Ask anyone who knows me, there is nothing I love more than wool socks, nothing. 

After seriously debating buying 15 pairs, I went to the register with just 3 in hand (practicing moderation) and the nice hippie cashier asked me if I needed a bag and when I said yes he gave me a compostable shopping bag… I freaking love hippies and hippie stores.

Who has a whole drawer of these puppies? This girl.

‚̧ Kari