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June 2, 2012

Vegetarian Friendly Hamburger Cupcakes;)

Happy weekend friends!

I hope the beginning of your June (okay, two days of it) have been as productive as mine, let us start with a BBQ that my friends and I put together so we could see each other now that we have all moved home for the summer.  This being the last summer the majority of us will be here we fully intend to make it count, starting with this BBQ.

I made a whopping FOUR pinterest worthy (and stolen from) dishes… be proud, I know you are.

1. Taco Salad inspired by (thus tweaked) Noel’s Kitchen Tips

2. Buffalo Chicken Dip from Frank’s Red Hot

3. Sarasota Lemonade inspired by The Pampered Jes

AND my favorite/the only one I took pictures of…

4. Hamburger Cupcakes inspired by Rock Ur Party by Tablespoon

I’m super excited about these… basically I bought almost all ¬†of the ingredients to do it the way that they have laid out THEN I got called in to work for 8 hours that morning which meant I had to make them on the fly with less supplies.

So here is my super simple Hamburger Cupcake photo tutorial, enjoy:)

Step One: Bake vanilla cupcakes, let them cool completely and then slice them in half.

Step Two: Pipe on chocolate frosting with a thick tip so that it really stands out, then take a blurry iPhone photo;)

Step Three: With a medium tip pipe on green frosting for the lettuce, the most important part is the outside for show so I did a squiggly circle around the edges and filled in with the leftover frosting, didn’t want any to go to waste! Note: You could do coconut in green food ¬†coloring ¬†I just really don’t like coconut so I opted out. Then with a fine tip add the ketchup and mustard colored frosting.


Step Four: Put the “buns” together with a fun toothpick, I thought this made them look like little burger sliders, how fun!

Step Five-Seven: Take lots of adorable pictures of your masterpieces because you are a rock star and everyone on Facebook should know it;)

And there you have it, a quick fix to getting called in to work but still being more creative (thanks to the blogs I mentioned before and Duncan Hines) than most of your friends… no joke they will be super impressed!

I just love June.

‚̧ Kari

May 21, 2012

My 2012 Summer Bucket List

I have made a summer bucket list, I tried to make it as inexpensive but oh so fun as possible and this is what I’ve come up with!

Drum roll please…

1. Save enough money by August to move and be comfortable for a couple months (I have a number in mind).

2. Actually craft things off of pinterest.

3. Rock a “bro” tank.

4. Water ski.

5. Cliff jump.

6. Throw a big themed party with my friends!

7. Attend the Brew Festival.

8. Attend the free concerts at the Waterfront.

9. Shop in thrift stores.

10. Hike Mount Mansfield.

11. Build and Paint a corn hole set.

12. Learn how to “Wobble”

13. Take sunrise yoga classes.

14. Go to the drive ins.

15. Go on a wine tasting tour.

16. Ride the Alpine Slide.

17. Go Zip Lining.

18. Rock Climb.

19. Get a ballin’ tan.

20. Read a children’s book series.

21. Build a fort out of blankets.

22. Stay barefoot all day.

23. Take a picture with champ at a baseball game.

24. Eat a “big duker” creemee from Duke’s.

25. Party on a rooftop.

26. Play kickball with friends.

27. Maintain better sleep patterns, this is hard for me.

28. Learn how to use a grill.

29. Read a book in a day.

30. Learn how to side braid my own hair.

31. Kayak on Lake Champlain.

32. Take a bike tour.

33. Go camping with friends.

34. Make a sand castle.

35. Have a water balloon fight.

36. Get fresh produce from farmer’s markets.

37. Tie-dye tshirts.

38. Have a girly movie marathon with friends.

39. Write in a journal daily.

40. Make time to bake “just because” cupcakes.

41. Organize a small best ball golf tournament with friends, then win.

42. Run at least 3 races.

43. Have a brunch party with friends.

44. Catch an indie movie.

45. Run 100 miles.

Here is the folder that I made with all of the things on the list glued inside. The plan is to collect the ticket stubs, brochures, basically anything I pick up doing each item on the list I could put in this folder and then one day make a scrapbook about it. ¬†Or I just wanted a project to occupy my time while watching Criminal Minds… the jury is still out;)

‚̧ Kari

May 19, 2012

Sweet, sweet, summer time!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, it is officially summer time!

My friends are home, work is crazy and the weather is beautiful… couldn’t be happier:)

I have a run post for tomorrow AND a post about my summer bucket list but today I’m just quickly writing about the delicious dinner I had with the boy yesterday.

We went to One Federal, a really cute favorite spot of the locals in St. Albans. ¬†A place we normally only go to on Thursdays for “Switchback Thursdays” as Dave’s friends have coined it, but yesterday we actually ate there and I must say it was fantastic.

I mean how cute is this place?

One, I still can’t tell you how much I appreciate the different people in Vermont… quirky, friendly, hippie, eclectic…

I basically think if you know a Vermonter you’re doing well for yourself;) ¬†

What makes me say this is that I thought our adorable waitress was awesome, the kind of waitress who checks on you but doesn’t over do it at all, the kind of waitress who rocks auburn hair with huge turquoise earrings, I loved it.

Two, I can’t tell you how much I miss certain parts of the south… the friends, the accents (I still say ya’ll) and of course the Vols…

So I ordered a drink called a “Southern Peach” and it was fabulous… the menu said in small print at the bottom “two drinks per customer” and I completely understand why… I felt it walking away from the table and I like to think I hold my liquor well.

Three, I still have extreme vegetarian tendencies… though I now eat meat I still feel weird sometimes and cooking it is virtually out of the question, so when I look at a menu I tend to go with a veggie option.

I got this portobello pesto panini and it was good, a little too burnt for my taste but it really was good, the filling was delicious! Everything on the menu looked great, to start I had a salad with “maple balsamic¬†vinaigrette… so good! Vermonters do maple well;)

Four, I am obsessed with dresses… I don’t know how to wear anything but… it works in the south, it works a little less back up here but I’m making it work, one day at a time.

So that was my lovely Friday evening, bring on more just like it this summer!

Happy weekend everyone:)

‚̧ Kari

May 11, 2012

HMT: Day 32

I did not run this last week. ¬†I went for quite a few walks and kept up with insanity but I just didn’t have the bug for running. ¬†That all changed this morning when I woke up and was dying to get outside and hit the pavement! It was like out of nowhere I got my runners legs back and couldn’t wait to log a few miles.

Some things about me as a runner.

1. I stick my tongue out when I go up hills… I actually stick my tongue out whenever I’m doing anything that involves concentration. It is super dorky but I can’t help it.

2. I hate the smell of fresh cut grass… It reminds me of field hockey preseason and how much I HATED running because I was so out of shape.

3. I listen to mostly Michael Jackson when running… I could literally listen to his greatest hits album on repeat.

4. I brush my teeth before I run, I don’t know why but I like the feeling of feeling fresh and ready to go.

5. I do a combination of the head nod, smile, or little wave when I pass another runner/walker but I rarely speak. ¬†Not because I don’t want to but because for some reason when I open my mouth to say hi, nothing comes out. ¬†I don’t know what it is but I always feel like a jerk if someone speaks to me so I just make really ridiculous hand motions to acknowledge their hellos. I’m not cool haha.

Day: 32

Distance: 2.5 miles

Time: 32.09 minutes/ 12.8 min/mi

Temperature: 70s and sunny but very windy!

Injuries:¬†None, just feeling out of shape from a week of no running… won’t do that again.

So the run itself was a bit of a walk run, I only ran two miles and then I walked for a bit just to stay out in the sun. I loved it. So happy:)

Now I’m off to get ready for some drinks with one of my best friends who is home for a month. ¬†It is starting to feel like summer and oh man am I excited!

Throwback of Heather and I, yes we went to Disney, and yes we were 18 taking photos with the Incredibles!

H and I all grown up at Boston Beer Works last summer! (For some reason we only take blurry photos together)

Happy Weekend Friends!

‚̧ Kari

May 2, 2012

HMT: Day 24 and INSANITY

I saw a blog recently that had a post about a website called dailymile and decided to see what it was all about last night.  Much to my excitement it seems that I will now have yet another form of social media to post my runs to, it is a funny thing this running community, so supportive!  It makes me so happy every time I can log a work out or show any progress and dailymile seems to be a really fun way to do it.  Definitely add me if you are on it or thinking about joining it!  (greenmountaingal is my username)

Today was a run day but today was also day two of a program I just started called Insanity!¬†which is a p90x type program deisgned to bring you to the brink of death¬†every day for 60 days and then bam you are hot stuff… or so I like to think of it as anyway… It is actually the first and only thing I have ever purchased from an infomercial and I am sad to say it was purchased over 5 months ago… oops!

I’m not gonna lie I looked just as badass as this girl ^¬†except not…

So a quick recap of that yesterday was basically do these 10 exercises for a few minutes each and see how many you can get, then every few weeks I will redo that work out and see my progress… quite frankly I don’t really care how many more sets I can do I just care that I am able to fit in to the insane amount of summer dresses I have in my closet… but¬†noting my progress¬†is a nice perk in theory.¬† Today was more of a beat you up with exercises designed for football and basketball players.¬† I have to say it went fairly well but only time will tell if I am still able to walk most days.

On to the run!

Day: 24

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 37:00/ 12:32min/m

Temperature: 50s and gloomy… some rain towards the end… Dear Weather Gods, get your act together. Thanks!

Injuries: I did the run before Insanity so I felt like a real person.¬† I didn’t feel much pain anywhere so it was actually a pretty good run.

The run felt like it flew by probably because I was just so excited to track my first run on dailymile… seriously I am like a kid in a candy store with new websites.¬† If you saw me when I got my pinterest a little over a year ago it was literally all I could do for a month straight.¬† On another note I found this picture from when I was moving, here is all of the race tshirts I have collected so far, I have been quoted multiple times saying “I only run these things for the free stuff” and¬†I’d say it is still probably¬†half the reason haha. I swear¬†one day I am going to make¬†a quilt with them!

Happy First of the Month! I hope it is a ballin’ one:)

‚̧ Kari