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May 30, 2012

HMT: Day 50

Ladies and Gentlemen, I got pulled over and it sucked.

So I get done work around midnight and begin the commute back home, 2 miles in I’m headed down a hill where the speed limit goes from 40 to 25 in a split second and BOOM hello blue lights.

Insert curse words here.

I pull over and a surprisingly handsome young cop walks up to my window asking me how I am and if I know why I have been pulled over.  “Uh I’m gonna be real honest sir, I’ve been better.”

Once we had established that yes, I was speeding but no, I did not realize how quickly the speed limit changed, he asked me for my license and registration… here is the kicker folks, I’m still rocking a Tennessee license and registration.  Two things that Mr. Handsome Cop was immediately thrown off by.  How thrown off you ask?

“You know what you keep the insurance, I’m just going to run this license and make sure we don’t have any warrants on our hands.”

You wanna know what I was thinking about in the 5 minutes it took to run my information through?

Do I have any warrants for my arrest? (No, I don’t)

Would I have a warrant if I forgot to return a book to the public library in Knoxville? (I will be returning that btw)

I wonder if Mr. Handsome Cop is married or engaged, he looks like he’d be settled down.

Do people actually flirt with cops when they get pulled over? How does that even start?

Jenna Marbles should make a video about getting pulled over.

Who thinks of that stuff???? Me. Only me.

Mr. Handsome Cop then returned to the window, handed me a written warning and just like that I wanted to hug him, scream and dance in the middle of the road… I refrained for obvious reasons. So thank you Mr. Handsome Cop, scouts honor I won’t do it again;)

My life is so exciting.

Anyway,  today I went to the mall in search of shorts at The Loft (got a pair that I will share with you guys tomorrow) but I also found this adorable dress that I instantly fell in love with from Francesca’s.  It was on sale and everything but as I’m currently rocking a body a few sizes bigger than I have been in the past I just didn’t feel comfortable enough in it to buy it.

Disclaimer:  I LOVE Francesca’s though, I think I own 10 dresses as well as a bunch of belts and jewelry so believe me when I say I  am so happy Burlington got one.  I will be back in and trying many more dresses on I think today was more mental than physical but I’ll let you guys be the judge of it!

I loved that this dress was green and lace first off but then I really came around to the blue underneath and just thought it was such a cool touch.  I loved that it could be dressed up or down and the cut was one that could be worn for so many different occasions.   Unfortunately the length was my biggest hang up, I’ve never been one to carry weight in my stomach (definitely not in my chest haha) but instead to my backside and thighs, so even if I try the next size up I often find that it adds fabric to my upper half  but not where I actually need it.

It doesn’t look terribly short but it sadly failed my sit down comfortably test… man did I love it though, just have to tell myself if it is meant to be it will happen;)

Trying on clothes all morning gave me a lot of motivation to hit the pavement and get a few miles in so that is what I did.

Day: 50

Distance: 2.5 Miles

Time: 30 minutes/ 12min/m

Temperature: 80’s and very humid

Injuries: None just hot as heck

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

❤ Kari

May 2, 2012

“That” Day

Today was “that” day where the whole world was out to get me and I was just not havin’ it.   Here are a few of my sarcasm sprinkled tales of the last 24-hours that I think could have created such a day in the first place.

1.  I work the front desk of a couple hotels, sometimes that means I am by myself and must do whatever I can to rectify a situation solo.  For example: last night a guest called me to ask if I could come up to his room and plunge his toilet because he had a weak stomach and couldn’t do it himself.   Here is what I actually said to him “certainly sir please give me 15 minutes to get up there.”

But what I wanted to say was “HELL NO! I DIDN’T CLOG IT!”

I assure you it was a nightmare that I hope I never relive.

2.  I did not leave work until after midnight and after my 30 minute commute home I then had only a few hours to get some sleep before going back in to work this morning at 8.  I have pulled many turn around shifts in my day but this one was especially hard because I could not sleep.  Boo thinking about life!

I counted to at least 600 and was still unable to sleep… no bueno friends, no bueno.

3.  I returned a dress to TJ MAXX today, obviously meant that I had to search the racks for a new one… ended up trying on at least ten dresses and felt like a walrus.  I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep or the fact that I have a closet full of dresses I wore at my “fighting weight” that I can’t currently wear without reaching walrus in a dress status.

Nobody wants to feel like a walrus in a dress… it is just plain awkward.

I know how cute this looks but trust me, it does not feel cute at all.

So now that you know what went wrong today now I can tell you what I did to solve those 3 problems.

1.  There is no solution to plunging another person’s toilet… I just made a big joke about it at work and got a bunch of laughs.

2.  Exhaustion + Starbucks/Techno Music = Feeling like a normal person again.

(I’ve actually never had anyone spell my name correctly… the first person that does is getting a ballin’ tip)

3. I went straight home after the dressing room debacle, threw on my running clothes, put Day 3 of Insanity in the DVD player and I let that man practically kill me again… but in a good way.  THEN when I finished I went for a 3 mile walk just because.

What is that you see? A smile? Woot! Woot!

Anyway I hope all of you had great days and not “that” day like me… or if you did I hope you turn it around:)

❤ Kari