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June 6, 2012

HMT: Day 56… I am a creeper.

Day: 56

Distance: 4 miles

Time:¬†66 minutes (I walked/jogged just wasn’t feeling a straight up 4 just wanted to be on the treadmill for awhile so I did intervals)

Temperature: On the treadmill at my new gym:)

Injuries: None!

So as I mentioned in my post yesterday given some new motivation I joined a gym WITH fitness classes so I am super excited about this. ¬†Today I wanted to head over and check it out, none of the classes met at the time I could go so I just got some cardio in but I really think I’m going to like it there!

I started out creeping on the treadmill, the nice man next to me was watching me so I couldn’t get a good picture of the whole thing.

I then did some intense creeping on the facility… this woman and her personal trainer were a little caught off guard. I should get a t-shirt that says “I have a blog, don’t mind the photos”

After the facility creep, I did some locker room creeping… post shower ready to go and feeling like a rockstar if I must be so bold;)

Finally, I creeped on my Starbucks treat post work out.

Now I am off to go meet a friend who is brand new to this little corner of the world called Vermont ¬†for dinner and our first shows of the Jazz Fest! ¬† Hopefully she doesn’t mind my photo taking…

‚̧ Kari

June 5, 2012

Updates and Rambles

I don’t have any real goal for this post so we are just rolling with it today, how exciting right?

Update Number One: I updated my about me pages… nothing major just made it more relevant and changed around a few things.

Update Number Two: I got a twitter for this lovely blog o’ mine!¬† Follow me and I will promise to blow your mind daily with witty tand insightful thoughts… just kidding… I’m still learning but if you are willing to watch me try I would very much appreciate it and maybe ONE day blow your minds.¬†

Update Number Three:¬†I ran 7 miles over the weekend which was a very exciting accomplishment! I did not post about it because I used my garmin and got all distracted but it happened and this week when I move up in mileage I promise to actually post about it… I mean the Mad Marathon is just over a month away… gotta keep it up!

Update Number Four: I am down 7lbs since I moved home and thanks to my new found motivation (cough* cough* running in to the ex-boyfriend with a new girlfriend cough* cough*) I joined a gym close by work to take part in group exercise classes and use the scary-ass fun weight machines.  Judge me as needed for this girly admission, motivation is motivation however you slice it right?

Update Number Five: I crossed off something SUPER fun on my summer bucket list over the weekend.¬†I practiced for hours and think I have finally got it down to where I have myself convinced I look damn good doing it… if you read the list I think you will be able to tell you what I did but I’m going to make a completely separate post about it this week (maybe even a video… hello youtube fame) so hold on to your hats!

Update Number Six: I have spent the last four days watching the first season of House online.¬† I have seen House randomly and always loved it and now that I know it ended I want to watch all of the seasons so that is what I am working on.¬† I love it, I am a big fan of crime shows but the more I watch the less sleep I get.¬† House gives me that same drama of what is going to happen next except I’m just not thinking I’ll develop lepracy tomorrow… fingers crossed anyway!

Update Number Seven: I am joining the Foodie Penpals army! It is so exciting! Basically I’m going to be sending a food filled care package to a random blogger/reader ($15 max) and another blogger/reader will be sending me one as well.¬† June 30th is the reveal day of what we got and I am so pumped! I of course will cover more of the details when reveal day comes around but if you are interested definitely click on the link!¬† I hope the people I send¬†boxes to¬†like maple… gotta represent Vermont;)

Update Number Eight: It is the¬†Burlington Discover Jazz Festival this week!¬†This is such a¬†cool event put on by so many different vendors and local businesses to showcase some AMAZING talent from around the world.¬† I think I’m going to at least one show four out of the ten days it is put on so that in itself will be a really fun distraction.¬† I will probably be overposting about it so you have been warned!¬† You know I love me some people watching and music;)

Alright folks, I think you’ve had enough of my rambles now I am¬†busting out my first “questions” that I see everyone else post on their blogs (genious really) you guys are such trend setters.¬†

Have you done anything or looking forward to anything new and exciting lately? 

Is anyone else TERRIFIED of weight machines at the gym?

‚̧ Kari


June 3, 2012

HMT: Day 53

This weekend has been all about recharging my batteries and it feels great!

Saturday after work I hit up City Market in Burlington and got some grocery shopping in, Vermont doesn’t have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s (though they are always talking about them) so City Market is the closest version that I’ve really fallen in love with.

Came in $6 under my budget too, Woot! Woot!

After I got home I immediately got on the treadmill, I am one of those people who has to keep myself busy or else I will sit on the couch and NEVER move again. ¬†So I set up a goal to run for 25 minutes, no matter the distance, thanks to a certain show I like to call Gossip Girl and a complete season I have yet to watch (guilty pleasure) 25 minutes became 45 and I honestly couldn’t even tell you the distance I ran but it felt awesome. ¬†Then I did a 10 minute ab workout and felt pretty much exhausted.

Thank you Tone It Up Girls!

Next up, a lovely dinner made with the produce I just got at the market… I had my heart set on the mexi-potato skins¬†and had convinced myself I had an extra can of black beans until I removed every can from the pantry and realized I was mistaken. ¬†Holy terrible feeling. ¬†I got out a pot to boil some water and try a new spaghetti recipe but my heart was set on something Mexican so I bailed on that mission for another day.

Instead I diced up a red and yellow bell pepper, threw it in a pan with some olive oil and roasted them up with some chili powder. ¬†I heated up some refried beans and spread it over 3 small whole grain tortillas, once the peppers were roasted I put them on the top of the beans and sprinkled some mexi-blend cheese over the tops. ¬†In to the oven they went to broil up for about 5 minutes (on low) and boom… dinner was served.

Not bad on the fly but I should have crisped up the tortillas first because they got a little soggy. 

I then let myself relax with the first 125 pages of Fifty Shades of Grey. ¬†I don’t mean to offend anyone and I am totally interested if you have any thoughts on the book but as of right now… not a fan. ¬†I¬†can’t stand either of ¬†the characters, not even a little bit.

Final thought for this morning’s post. ¬†I will be honest and say I don’t know much about¬†pageants but I have definitely watched a few and I think it is a cool way to represent your state. ¬†I don’t think there is a year that goes by that I don’t check out who is that year’s Miss. Vermont (small state guys, I usually know them in some capacity).

In 2010 Miss. Vermont for the Miss. America pageant is¬†Caroline Bright. ¬†A very intelligent, spunky, and personable girl that I had the pleasure to briefly meet while she was the reigning “Governor” at the 2007 Green Mountain Girl’s State. ¬†I was always amazed with how she carried herself and managed to be so witty yet serious and engaging in every speech. ¬†At 22 (I believe) she is currently running for the Vermont State Senate and I wish her all the best.

¬†Next up, tonight is the Miss. USA pageant and this year’s Miss. Vermont is a girl named Jamie Dragon. ¬†Jamie happens to be from my small town of Milton, VT… small meaning one stop light and 10,000 people… practically family haha;) ¬†Though I do not know her personally I do know from everyone who went to school with her and from her family in the town she is a great candidate for the state. ¬†Genuine, kind, passionate and down to earth, basically everything a¬†good rep should be!¬†I hope for the best as she competes tonight!

Thanks for listening guys! Bring on Sunday Fun-day:)

‚̧ Kari

May 30, 2012

HMT: Day 50

Ladies and Gentlemen, I got pulled over and it sucked.

So I get done work around midnight and begin the commute back home, 2 miles in I’m headed down a hill where the speed limit goes from 40 to 25 in a split second and BOOM hello blue lights.

Insert curse words here.

I pull over and a surprisingly handsome young cop walks up to my window asking me how I am and if I know why I have been pulled over. ¬†“Uh I’m gonna be real honest sir, I’ve been better.”

Once we had established that yes, I was speeding but no, I did not realize how quickly the speed limit changed, he asked me for my license and registration… here is the kicker folks, I’m still rocking a Tennessee license and registration. ¬†Two things that Mr. Handsome Cop was immediately thrown off by. ¬†How thrown off you ask?

“You know what you keep the insurance, I’m just going to run this license and make sure we don’t have any warrants on our hands.”

You wanna know what I was thinking about in the 5 minutes it took to run my information through?

Do I have any warrants for my arrest? (No, I don’t)

Would I have a warrant if I forgot to return a book to the public library in Knoxville? (I will be returning that btw)

I wonder if Mr. Handsome Cop is married or engaged, he looks like he’d be settled down.

Do people actually flirt with cops when they get pulled over? How does that even start?

Jenna Marbles should make a video about getting pulled over.

Who thinks of that stuff???? Me. Only me.

Mr. Handsome Cop then returned to the window, handed me a written warning and just like that I wanted to hug him, scream and dance in the middle of the road… I refrained for obvious reasons. So thank you Mr. Handsome Cop, scouts honor I won’t do it again;)

My life is so exciting.

Anyway, ¬†today I went to the mall in search of shorts at The Loft (got a pair that I will share with you guys tomorrow) but I also found this adorable dress that I instantly fell in love with from Francesca’s. ¬†It was on sale and everything but as I’m currently rocking a body a few sizes bigger than I have been in the past I just didn’t feel comfortable enough in it to buy it.

Disclaimer: ¬†I LOVE Francesca’s though, I think I own 10 dresses as well as a bunch of belts and jewelry so believe me when I say I ¬†am so happy Burlington got one. ¬†I will be back in and trying many more dresses on I think today was more mental than physical but I’ll let you guys be the judge of it!

I loved that this dress was green and lace first off but then I really came around to the blue underneath and just thought it was such a cool touch. ¬†I loved that it could be dressed up or down and the cut was one that could be worn for so many different occasions. ¬† Unfortunately the length was my biggest hang up, I’ve never been one to carry weight in my stomach (definitely not in my chest haha) but instead to my backside and thighs, so even if I try the next size up I often find that it adds fabric to my upper half ¬†but not where I actually need it.

It doesn’t look terribly short but it sadly failed my sit down comfortably test… man did I love it though, just have to tell myself if it is meant to be it will happen;)

Trying on clothes all morning gave me a lot of motivation to hit the pavement and get a few miles in so that is what I did.

Day: 50

Distance: 2.5 Miles

Time: 30 minutes/ 12min/m

Temperature: 80’s and very humid

Injuries: None just hot as heck

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

‚̧ Kari

May 29, 2012

HMT: Day 48

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend, mine was filled with friends, food, and working… don’t go in to the hospitality industry if you like your holidays;)¬† Yesterday was the Vermont City Marathon and although I did not run in it this year I am so very proud of all of the people I know who did it.¬† I wish I could have participated, mark my words I WILL PARTICIPATE NEXT YEAR!¬† Seeing all of the posts on facebook and reading the articles in the newspapers I just can’t explain my excitement for my own race in July.¬† I know I’ve said all of that before but man I am pumped!

I decided that I was cool enough to have a running buddy (i.e. someone who will show up at my doorstep and make me go running/work out in general) so today was our first day chasing pavements together… YAY KARI HAS REAL¬†FRIENDS!¬†¬†I would say it was a success, I know I pushed myself even though it was just an easy 2 mile run.

Day: 48

Distance: 2 miles

Time: 22 minutes/11 min/mi

Temperature: It was mid 70s with a 15 second down pour… I’m telling you VT weather is odd.

Injuries: I was tight in my calves for some reason but no real problems.

After we ran we did a 15 minute ab workout that Anthony says he does with his baseball team.¬† I asked him where they got it from and he didn’t even flinch when he replied “Jane Fonda and she is not a nice woman.” I immediately burst into tears laughing so hard as I pictured the entire UNC Charlotte club baseball team working out¬†in front of a¬†Jane Fonda ab video… picture it, you know you want to. When we finished I totally agreed, she may seem sweet but that work out was deadly.

Round two tomorrow folks!

‚̧ Kari


May 23, 2012

HMT: Day 44

Day: 44

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 48 minutes/ 12min/mi

Temperature: Warm, VT weather has been so nice lately!

Injuries: Feelin’ good despite the week lapse between runs.

Confession: I SUCK at being sick.

I’ve been sick since Sunday… starting with a sore throat, Monday gained the runny nose, Tuesday the congestion, which brings us to today Wednesday, my first day off and I haven’t left the couch since I woke up this morning at 9.

I don’t like to have people around me when I’m sick, I would much rather be pathetic solo. I also am horribly stubborn about going to the doctor so lets just throw that one out of the window.

I have had LOTS of time to think about how productive I will be when I get off this couch and here it goes:

1. I will eat more fruits and veggies.

2. I will do yoga daily.

3. I will run 6 miles by Sunday.

4. I will start reading a book.

5. I will not eat out more than one time this week.

In the meantime it will be just me,  the couch, many cups of tea, my good friend Gibbs (NCIS reference naturally) and an intense love affair with my Tylenol Daytime Cold Medicine.

Pretty much in love with this cow mug!

Hope everyone is having a far more exciting Wednesday than I!

‚̧ Kari

May 16, 2012

HMT: Day 36 and Big News!

Just under two months to go!

After completing a very flat 4 miles yesterday I’ve decided I have to force myself to break out and do things I don’t want to do… like hills, lunges, and eating less.

The course I’m running (Mad Marathon) is in a mountain town thus cut into mountains and if I continue to just run flats I will NEVER feel comfortable come race day. ¬†Which brings me back to the days of track and how I never felt prepared to do anything (because I never really tried) but not this time. ¬†I am determined to feel confident the day of the race and that means I have to kick these next two months in the ass… so to speak;)

Day: 36

Distance: 4 miles

Time:  52:00/13min/m

Temperature: Mid 60s but rainy… thankfully it only sprinkled towards the end.

Injuries: None that weren’t directly related to the huge meal I ate way too close to run time… oops!

Anyway, on to the big news!

In 3 months I will be moving to beautiful, mountainous, and oh so lovely, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The idea of living in a little mountain town and being a snowboarding bum (bum = working full time and taking classes at the local mountain school to get that elusive degree) has been on my to do list for as long as I can remember but now I have actually put the plan in motion. ¬†After high school I lived in Greeley (never again, no offense) and Westminster (loved being so close to Denver) and have been spending every family vacation visiting my parent’s house in Silverthorne, I’ve always thought I would love the life style but never had enough drive to do it. ¬† Following a serious pro-con list I decided that this was the time to venture out solo and see where it takes me.

So come August I will be hanging my hat in the great state of Colorado yet again and I could not be more excited about it!

The Steamboat Grand

‚̧ Kari

May 12, 2012

HMT: Day 33

Not really a training day but as I put on my running shoes and put a mile in the books, I’ll call it one!

Day: 33

Distance: 1 mile

Time: 11:29 minutes

Temperature: Straight up gorgeous! 70s and no wind, beautiful.

Injuries:¬†Don’t think I ran long enough to feel hurt haha

In other news today after work I walked downtown to grab some lunch. ¬†If you have never been to Vermont there is a place in Burlington called Church St which is a quaint little pedestrian mall with all the best restaurants and shops. ¬†One day soon I’ll do a real post just about it (because it is amazing and I believe everyone should come visit at least once in their life) but today is more about the fact that I walked by a sidewalk sale for Outdoor Gear Exchange (my paradise) and stumbled on 3 for $10 wool socks!

Ask anyone who knows me, there is nothing I love more than wool socks, nothing. 

After seriously debating buying 15 pairs, I went to the register with just 3 in hand (practicing moderation) and the nice hippie cashier asked me if I needed a bag and when I said yes he gave me a compostable shopping bag… I freaking love hippies and hippie stores.

Who has a whole drawer of these puppies? This girl.

‚̧ Kari

May 11, 2012

HMT: Day 32

I did not run this last week. ¬†I went for quite a few walks and kept up with insanity but I just didn’t have the bug for running. ¬†That all changed this morning when I woke up and was dying to get outside and hit the pavement! It was like out of nowhere I got my runners legs back and couldn’t wait to log a few miles.

Some things about me as a runner.

1. I stick my tongue out when I go up hills… I actually stick my tongue out whenever I’m doing anything that involves concentration. It is super dorky but I can’t help it.

2. I hate the smell of fresh cut grass… It reminds me of field hockey preseason and how much I HATED running because I was so out of shape.

3. I listen to mostly Michael Jackson when running… I could literally listen to his greatest hits album on repeat.

4. I brush my teeth before I run, I don’t know why but I like the feeling of feeling fresh and ready to go.

5. I do a combination of the head nod, smile, or little wave when I pass another runner/walker but I rarely speak. ¬†Not because I don’t want to but because for some reason when I open my mouth to say hi, nothing comes out. ¬†I don’t know what it is but I always feel like a jerk if someone speaks to me so I just make really ridiculous hand motions to acknowledge their hellos. I’m not cool haha.

Day: 32

Distance: 2.5 miles

Time: 32.09 minutes/ 12.8 min/mi

Temperature: 70s and sunny but very windy!

Injuries:¬†None, just feeling out of shape from a week of no running… won’t do that again.

So the run itself was a bit of a walk run, I only ran two miles and then I walked for a bit just to stay out in the sun. I loved it. So happy:)

Now I’m off to get ready for some drinks with one of my best friends who is home for a month. ¬†It is starting to feel like summer and oh man am I excited!

Throwback of Heather and I, yes we went to Disney, and yes we were 18 taking photos with the Incredibles!

H and I all grown up at Boston Beer Works last summer! (For some reason we only take blurry photos together)

Happy Weekend Friends!

‚̧ Kari

May 8, 2012

My 365 Project: Week 1

Thanks to the inspiration of countless blogs for giving me different ideas on how to do this, I have embarked on my own photo a day for a year challenge.  I have NO idea what shape it is going to take but I am excited and thought I would keep track on here.

Week One

May 1st-7th

May 1: Insanity Work Outs

May 2: A running photo!

May 3rd: Tennessee Orange Scarf, Go Vols!

May 4th: Cupcakes for Cinco De Mayo

May 5th: Cinco Celebrations with Classy Friends!

May 6th: If this doesn’t say America I don’t know what does.

May 7th: Starbucks Frappuccino Happy Hour 3-5 Half Priced! (til the 14th, you have time)

First week complete, on to the next one!

‚̧ Kari