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May 23, 2012

My 365 Project: Week Three

Week 3

May 15th – 21st

May 15: The most adorable thank you note I found for one of our housekeepers.

May 16: My second creemee of the summer, EXTRA chocolate sprinkles!

May 17: Who pulls 4 aces in a row ever?

May 18: Dinner at One Federal!

May 19: Saturday night shenanigans with some of my favorites!

May 20: Working while being sick, green tea and tissues.

May 21: Gettin’ my sun on in at the beach, such a pretty day over Lake Champlain!

My week was so fun, hopefully I kick this sick thing and have an even better one this week:)

❤ Kari

May 15, 2012

My 365 Project: Week 2

Week Two

May 8th-14th

May 8: Sometimes my job means laundry… lots of laundry.

May 9: It is after this one that I will try to not overlap photos from other blog posts… mushroom pizzas yum!

May 10: Spilled something on my shirt, this is what the boy gave me to wear instead… so sweet.

May 11: Night out with friends, diet coke and rum:)

May 12: Out to dinner at the Windjammer, my delicious martini!

May 13: My favorite jewelry (and the ones I wear daily)

Vermont necklace I got from etsy.

Peace ring I picked up at Bonnaroo.

Claddagh ring I got in Ireland when I was 8.

Leaf ring I got at Zinnia… my favorite downtown Burlington jewelry store!

May 14: Missing southern sweet tea majorly so I go to Dunkin Donuts more often than I should to fill the void.

So there is a taste of my week in photos! Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!

❤ Kari

May 8, 2012

My 365 Project: Week 1

Thanks to the inspiration of countless blogs for giving me different ideas on how to do this, I have embarked on my own photo a day for a year challenge.  I have NO idea what shape it is going to take but I am excited and thought I would keep track on here.

Week One

May 1st-7th

May 1: Insanity Work Outs

May 2: A running photo!

May 3rd: Tennessee Orange Scarf, Go Vols!

May 4th: Cupcakes for Cinco De Mayo

May 5th: Cinco Celebrations with Classy Friends!

May 6th: If this doesn’t say America I don’t know what does.

May 7th: Starbucks Frappuccino Happy Hour 3-5 Half Priced! (til the 14th, you have time)

First week complete, on to the next one!

❤ Kari