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June 5, 2012

Updates and Rambles

I don’t have any real goal for this post so we are just rolling with it today, how exciting right?

Update Number One: I updated my about me pages… nothing major just made it more relevant and changed around a few things.

Update Number Two: I got a twitter for this lovely blog o’ mine!¬† Follow me and I will promise to blow your mind daily with witty tand insightful thoughts… just kidding… I’m still learning but if you are willing to watch me try I would very much appreciate it and maybe ONE day blow your minds.¬†

Update Number Three:¬†I ran 7 miles over the weekend which was a very exciting accomplishment! I did not post about it because I used my garmin and got all distracted but it happened and this week when I move up in mileage I promise to actually post about it… I mean the Mad Marathon is just over a month away… gotta keep it up!

Update Number Four: I am down 7lbs since I moved home and thanks to my new found motivation (cough* cough* running in to the ex-boyfriend with a new girlfriend cough* cough*) I joined a gym close by work to take part in group exercise classes and use the scary-ass fun weight machines.  Judge me as needed for this girly admission, motivation is motivation however you slice it right?

Update Number Five: I crossed off something SUPER fun on my summer bucket list over the weekend.¬†I practiced for hours and think I have finally got it down to where I have myself convinced I look damn good doing it… if you read the list I think you will be able to tell you what I did but I’m going to make a completely separate post about it this week (maybe even a video… hello youtube fame) so hold on to your hats!

Update Number Six: I have spent the last four days watching the first season of House online.¬† I have seen House randomly and always loved it and now that I know it ended I want to watch all of the seasons so that is what I am working on.¬† I love it, I am a big fan of crime shows but the more I watch the less sleep I get.¬† House gives me that same drama of what is going to happen next except I’m just not thinking I’ll develop lepracy tomorrow… fingers crossed anyway!

Update Number Seven: I am joining the Foodie Penpals army! It is so exciting! Basically I’m going to be sending a food filled care package to a random blogger/reader ($15 max) and another blogger/reader will be sending me one as well.¬† June 30th is the reveal day of what we got and I am so pumped! I of course will cover more of the details when reveal day comes around but if you are interested definitely click on the link!¬† I hope the people I send¬†boxes to¬†like maple… gotta represent Vermont;)

Update Number Eight: It is the¬†Burlington Discover Jazz Festival this week!¬†This is such a¬†cool event put on by so many different vendors and local businesses to showcase some AMAZING talent from around the world.¬† I think I’m going to at least one show four out of the ten days it is put on so that in itself will be a really fun distraction.¬† I will probably be overposting about it so you have been warned!¬† You know I love me some people watching and music;)

Alright folks, I think you’ve had enough of my rambles now I am¬†busting out my first “questions” that I see everyone else post on their blogs (genious really) you guys are such trend setters.¬†

Have you done anything or looking forward to anything new and exciting lately? 

Is anyone else TERRIFIED of weight machines at the gym?

‚̧ Kari


May 21, 2012

My 2012 Summer Bucket List

I have made a summer bucket list, I tried to make it as inexpensive but oh so fun as possible and this is what I’ve come up with!

Drum roll please…

1. Save enough money by August to move and be comfortable for a couple months (I have a number in mind).

2. Actually craft things off of pinterest.

3. Rock a “bro” tank.

4. Water ski.

5. Cliff jump.

6. Throw a big themed party with my friends!

7. Attend the Brew Festival.

8. Attend the free concerts at the Waterfront.

9. Shop in thrift stores.

10. Hike Mount Mansfield.

11. Build and Paint a corn hole set.

12. Learn how to “Wobble”

13. Take sunrise yoga classes.

14. Go to the drive ins.

15. Go on a wine tasting tour.

16. Ride the Alpine Slide.

17. Go Zip Lining.

18. Rock Climb.

19. Get a ballin’ tan.

20. Read a children’s book series.

21. Build a fort out of blankets.

22. Stay barefoot all day.

23. Take a picture with champ at a baseball game.

24. Eat a “big duker” creemee from Duke’s.

25. Party on a rooftop.

26. Play kickball with friends.

27. Maintain better sleep patterns, this is hard for me.

28. Learn how to use a grill.

29. Read a book in a day.

30. Learn how to side braid my own hair.

31. Kayak on Lake Champlain.

32. Take a bike tour.

33. Go camping with friends.

34. Make a sand castle.

35. Have a water balloon fight.

36. Get fresh produce from farmer’s markets.

37. Tie-dye tshirts.

38. Have a girly movie marathon with friends.

39. Write in a journal daily.

40. Make time to bake “just because” cupcakes.

41. Organize a small best ball golf tournament with friends, then win.

42. Run at least 3 races.

43. Have a brunch party with friends.

44. Catch an indie movie.

45. Run 100 miles.

Here is the folder that I made with all of the things on the list glued inside. The plan is to collect the ticket stubs, brochures, basically anything I pick up doing each item on the list I could put in this folder and then one day make a scrapbook about it. ¬†Or I just wanted a project to occupy my time while watching Criminal Minds… the jury is still out;)

‚̧ Kari