I Dress.

I love clothes, shopping, and all things personal style… that being said, I have little style of my own and I wear a uniform to work every day so people aren’t knocking down my doors to get into my closet that is for sure.  If you look at my pinterest there are so many different kinds of style I adore and am willing to try out.

I think I could be considered a bit of a mut in the style department…

I’ve been a snowboarder for 12 years which means loud colors, oversized clothing, and mismatched patterns.

I grew up in New England which means preppy, casual, and anything flannel.

I have lived in the south for the last three years which means I absolutely love dresses, cowboy boots, and orange (Go Vols!)

Sprinkle a little hippy in there (have to rep VT) and that is my style.

This section of the blog could be a real mess so just roll with it for me.

Vermont Flannel Company… it happens from time to time.

Loved this color.

I am always drawn to lace first, just something so girly about it.

The South taught me dresses at sporting events were totally acceptable, I subscribe to this completely.

I OOTD’d (made that up) in my I Dress section with some official posts so be sure to check out my attempts at style;)


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