Hey there friends!

I just started this little dive of a blog to document my life and all that comes with it.

Some facts for you…

My name is Kari and I am 22 years old hailing from the Green Mountain state of Vermont and as you will gather quickly I am very  proud of it!


I love to bake cupcakes and am always toying with the idea of cooking to challenge myself and eat healthier.

In high school I picked up running and have been running in various distance races (slowly) ever since.

I grew up on the mountain every weekend (Smuggler’s Notch represent!) and post high school I moved to Colorado to be a ski bum/freshman at the University of Northern Colorado.

After a year in Colorado (though I loved the state, the school wasn’t what I wanted) I transferred to my pride and joy… The University of Tennessee where I studied sports management for 2 years.  Yes, that means graduation has still not occured, trying to get out with the least amount of debt so LOTS of working in between… it is a long road but it will be worth it.  At UT I continued running and even played club field hockey to maintain my love for sports and fitness.

I am a DIE HARD sports fan.  All sports but baseball is my favorite. My dream in life is to go to all 30 Major League Baseball parks before I turn 30. So far I have been to 7.

I am sarcastic and like to laugh and I am always looking for my next adventure.  I am so excited about this blog because every day I am learning something new and inspiring to try out.  Who knows what shape this blog will take but I invite you to join me for the ride!

❤ Kari

P.S. I love emails, questions, comments… I mean I’m human, so hit me up if you have any;)


One Comment to “About”

  1. Hi Kari – thanks for checking out my blog. I like your spirit. Happy running! – Elisa

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