My 365 Project: Week Four

Week 4

May 22nd – 28th

May 22: We had some Korean guests in who gave me these as a present. Calories don’t count if you can’t read them right?

May 23: This is evidence of being sick and glued to a chair all day… it wasn’t pretty, you are lucky I’m covering my face.

May 24: Another view of Lake Champlain from Waterfront Park!

May 25: Found this in a shop downtown, I must have one!

May 26: My first trip to the Magic Hat Brewery! I am gonna be real honest with you folks, we did not actually tour but instead tasted free samples and bought growlers… I will make it back for an official tour someday soon though!

May 27: Vermont City Marathon starting line as taken from a friend’s patio. Not a bad view huh?

May 28: This bowl was once overflowing with watermelon… I have a serious obsession.

I can’t believe week 4 is already in the books, time flies;)

❤ Kari


2 Comments to “My 365 Project: Week Four”

  1. I LOVE Magic Hat and I am very jealous! I also agree 100% with your statement that calories don’t count if you can’t read them 🙂

    • Magic Hat is the only piece of Vermont I could ever find at bars down south so coming back home and getting to go the the brewery was so fun! They have a new summer beer called Elder Betty it is a must try!

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