Sweet, sweet, summer time!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, it is officially summer time!

My friends are home, work is crazy and the weather is beautiful… couldn’t be happier:)

I have a run post for tomorrow AND a post about my summer bucket list but today I’m just quickly writing about the delicious dinner I had with the boy yesterday.

We went to One Federal, a really cute favorite spot of the locals in St. Albans.  A place we normally only go to on Thursdays for “Switchback Thursdays” as Dave’s friends have coined it, but yesterday we actually ate there and I must say it was fantastic.

I mean how cute is this place?

One, I still can’t tell you how much I appreciate the different people in Vermont… quirky, friendly, hippie, eclectic…

I basically think if you know a Vermonter you’re doing well for yourself;)  

What makes me say this is that I thought our adorable waitress was awesome, the kind of waitress who checks on you but doesn’t over do it at all, the kind of waitress who rocks auburn hair with huge turquoise earrings, I loved it.

Two, I can’t tell you how much I miss certain parts of the south… the friends, the accents (I still say ya’ll) and of course the Vols…

So I ordered a drink called a “Southern Peach” and it was fabulous… the menu said in small print at the bottom “two drinks per customer” and I completely understand why… I felt it walking away from the table and I like to think I hold my liquor well.

Three, I still have extreme vegetarian tendencies… though I now eat meat I still feel weird sometimes and cooking it is virtually out of the question, so when I look at a menu I tend to go with a veggie option.

I got this portobello pesto panini and it was good, a little too burnt for my taste but it really was good, the filling was delicious! Everything on the menu looked great, to start I had a salad with “maple balsamic vinaigrette… so good! Vermonters do maple well;)

Four, I am obsessed with dresses… I don’t know how to wear anything but… it works in the south, it works a little less back up here but I’m making it work, one day at a time.

So that was my lovely Friday evening, bring on more just like it this summer!

Happy weekend everyone:)

❤ Kari


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