HMT: Day 33

Not really a training day but as I put on my running shoes and put a mile in the books, I’ll call it one!

Day: 33

Distance: 1 mile

Time: 11:29 minutes

Temperature: Straight up gorgeous! 70s and no wind, beautiful.

Injuries: Don’t think I ran long enough to feel hurt haha

In other news today after work I walked downtown to grab some lunch.  If you have never been to Vermont there is a place in Burlington called Church St which is a quaint little pedestrian mall with all the best restaurants and shops.  One day soon I’ll do a real post just about it (because it is amazing and I believe everyone should come visit at least once in their life) but today is more about the fact that I walked by a sidewalk sale for Outdoor Gear Exchange (my paradise) and stumbled on 3 for $10 wool socks!

Ask anyone who knows me, there is nothing I love more than wool socks, nothing. 

After seriously debating buying 15 pairs, I went to the register with just 3 in hand (practicing moderation) and the nice hippie cashier asked me if I needed a bag and when I said yes he gave me a compostable shopping bag… I freaking love hippies and hippie stores.

Who has a whole drawer of these puppies? This girl.

❤ Kari


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