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April 29, 2012

What is stuck in my head Sunday.

When it comes to music there is no stone I will leave unturned. ¬†I consider myself a bit of a mut when it comes to songs that I like, I know the difference between good music and bad music but it doesn’t mean I don’t love them equally. ¬†My friends pick on me because I always have a song stuck in my head and there is never any warning when I will bust it out. ¬†One day a co-worker made a list every time I got a new song, she was planning on making a rap with all of them but it is very hard to rap when I am busting out everything from Whitney Houston to Blink 182.

Anyway, here are some songs recently stuck in my head, and a few of my absolute favorites thrown in there;)

NO JUDGING! I  realize I have crazy tastes!

1. Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina “Stereo Love”¬†


Great song to dance and snowboard to, techno for the win!

2. The Beatles “Eight Days a Week”¬†

Who doesn’t love The Beatles?

3. Bedouin Soundclash “Mountain Top”


My absolute FAVORITE band in the world. I love all of their songs!

4. Taco “Puttin on the Ritz”

I can’t help it, I don’t know why I love this song so much but it just makes me laugh and wanna sing along.

5. Will Hoge “Even if it breaks your heart”

He co-wrote this song and I can’t express in words how much better I think his version is than the Eli Young Band’s.

6. Justin Bieber “Boyfriend”

Wait, how did that get here? Oops… can’t deny it is catchy.

7. Arcade Fire “Ready to Start”

Redemption from above. ¬†Had the pleasure of seeing them at Bonnaroo, INCREDIBLE! If you haven’t checked them out please do!

8. The Kooks “She Moves in her own way”

This song was huge when I was living in England for the summer of ’06 reminds me of such fun things!

9. Frank Sinatra “Fly me to the Moon”

I have said this for as long as I can remember, this will without a doubt be the song I dance to at my very far in the future wedding.

10. Corey Hart “Sunglasses at Night”

There are no words to explain this one except for the simple fact that it is and always has been my FAVORITE song of all time. I realize it is literally on the list of the top 50 worst songs ever recorded but I do not care I love it.

So I hope you guys enjoyed! Stay tuned because it gets weirder… if you can believe that!

‚̧ Kari

April 25, 2012

HMT: Day 18

I am all back on schedule after this post. ¬†Yesterday was NOT happening. ¬†I actually didn’t even want to run today because of the rain but luckily when I got home from work I had just enough blue sky to get a twenty minute run in. ¬†I’ve noticed my times are all funky, I hope to get that to a steady pace regularly but I think I just have to settle in to a routine. ¬†I’m going to try to run at the same time daily just to get myself in good habits. ¬†This week is the week things start to bump up with mileage so I want to start creating better habits.

I’ll post the details in a bit but first there were a few things that made me smile today. ¬†Hope you like them!

Found this on a bottle of Magic Hat.

Saw this on Pinterest and I was laughing hysterically… it is so true.

I noticed that my shoes apparently know the exact distance I’m training for, pretty cool huh?

Day: 18

Distance: 2 miles (last time only 2 for AWHILE, I enjoyed it)

Time: 21:30/10:65min/m

Temperature: 51 degrees and a mild sprinkle towards the end.

Injuries: I stood in heels for 8 hours yesterday… I am not even sure I still have feet to be injured.

‚̧ Kari

April 24, 2012

HMT: Day 16 and a Fun Fact of the Day.

So I haven’t gone over 3 miles but every time I get out there I do the holy crap how did I ever run 13 miles? ¬†The holy crap feeling goes away after a little bit but man do I wish I hadn’t gotten so out of shape (damn you sweet tea and biscuits in TN!) ¬†I just keep telling myself that it will get better and I believe it, just hoping it is sooner than later.

Anyway here it goes for Sunday’s run!

Day: 16

 Distance: 2 miles

Time: 20:00/10min/m (HOLLA!)

Temperature: 50’s expected rain but as I was so freakin fast (see above and insert sarcasm) it didn’t happen.

Injuries: Just tired from work!

There is something you should know about me. ¬†The boy took me on a date to my favorite mexican restaurant for Margarita Monday (I literally just decided to call it that but I am so hoping it becomes a regular tradition like it sounds) and then he took me to my all-time favorite girly movie, Titanic. Yupp that is right folks, ¬†I LOVE TITANIC. ¬†I love everything about it. ¬†It was the first PG 13 movie I ever saw, I can not only quote the movie, I can tell you when it cuts to commercial on TNT. ¬†Believe me when I say I had a smile on my face for the entire 2 hours and surprisingly the boy didn’t even fall asleep!

Fun Fact of the Day: Made it Facebook official with the boy because he did the above mentioned.

Tequila + Titanic = Relationship Status Change;)

Strawberry margaritas make the world go round.

¬†I literally hate 3D movies… just because you can doesn’t¬†necessarily¬†mean you should.

“So, wanna go to a real party?”

‚̧ Kari

April 23, 2012

OOTD: Pink Pants and Potted Plants

I started reading blogs long before I ever decided I was cool enough to have one. ¬†The jury is still out on if I am cool enough but someone who seems to have it all down is Kendi from¬†¬†today she had a post that I couldn’t help but want to wear. ¬†Here is what I came up with!


Top: Old Navy

Jeans: Old Navy

Necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: Shoe Rack



Halfway through taking pictures of myself (sounds so silly) I realized there was a bunch of potted plants in the background and then laughed hysterically for how low budge I am. Oh well, just having fun:)

I hope everyone has a great week!

‚̧ Kari¬†

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April 23, 2012

A (Semi)-Wordless Weekend.

Yeahhh wordless and I don’t know how to get along. Jabber jaws since birth but anyway here is my weekend in a nut shell!

My lovely dog Murphy!

The boy and I play scrabble like it is going out of style.

Pie in the Sky is delicious!

I watched this game and almost cried. I love the Penguins but I guess I just have to hold out hope for my other love the Bruins!

I know they aren’t very healthy but it is better than candy… and delicious.

VT Flannel Company… because it is freaking cold out right now!

My life is sometimes reduced to pizza, craisins, and scrabble… but man do I love it:)

‚̧ Kari

April 22, 2012

HMT: Days 11 & 13

I swear I’m going to get better at this posting on the day of thing.¬† This week was a pretty relaxed week so I even jogged a few miles on off days (just call me an overachiever… I’m used to that… Not.) The weather has held up but as is normal in Vermont in April… SNOW is in the forcast for this week.¬† May I remind you it was 86 last Monday and now we are looking at mid 40s with SNOW! Living in the south for the last three years¬†has not helped my ability to withstand cold¬†temperatures, for example I’m currently rocking wool socks at work.¬†

Side note, now that I am using the MapMyRun App regularly I have noticed I get an email at the end of the week telling me basically my stats for the week, how many miles, minutes used, and even how many calories burned.¬† It is pretty cool and makes me feel like I actually am working towards something.¬† I’m excited to keep seeing the progress!¬† If you have the ability to use the app, GET IT! You won’t be disappointed.

Anyway, now down to the good stuff.

Day: 11

Distance: 3 miles.

Time: 36 minutes/12:00 min/m

Temperature: I honestly don’t even remember I imagine I wore shorts… haha.

Injuries: My calves were super tight the entire run, but all in all no major catastrophes.

Day: 13

Distance: 2 miles

Time: 22 minutes/11:00 min/m

Temperature: Mid 60s, really pretty sunset run:)

Injuries: Felt good!

Looks like a total of 14 miles run so far since I started this beast of a task, can’t complain;)

Happy Sunday!

‚̧ Kari

April 20, 2012

My First Cooking Experiment.

I love eating. ¬†I’ll try almost anything (as long as there are no olives… I judge those who like olives… no offense) but I do not cook. ¬†Not even a little bit. ¬†Until today making grilled cheese was tops for me. ¬†You see I come from a long line of fabulous women who CAN cook but HATE it. ¬†I survive off of bagels, cereal and sandwiches… however ¬†my lovely mother went out of town and asked me to cook for my dad… say what?

So I did it. I looked on Pinterest, played my Mumford & Sons pandora station,and I cooked a meal from scratch(ish) by myself.

I adapted it from this meal:

Basically I just added peppers, switched to brown rice and heaped on the cheese cause lets be serious, it is the best part!

I meant to take more photos like the finished product but I am new at this so once the plates hit the table they were gone… oh well I’ll try again next time!

There were no leftovers so I would say it was a successful first dish ūüėČ


‚̧ Kari

April 19, 2012

I Love That Dirty Water

A week ago the boy and I got to spend a super amazing few days in Boston, one of my favorite cities on the planet! As a major history nerd, beer lover, and all things food I am never disappointed when I go.  The purpose of this particular trip was to see my boys play opening day at Fenway Park!  There are very few things in this world I love more than the Red Sox, and as I have returned to New England I thought I owed it to my fanhood to be in attendance for their first game of the season in Boston.

Here are some of the pictures:)


Made great time getting there!


Blurry but we had an awesome dinner at the Cheesecake Factory celebrating my beautiful best friend’s birthday!


Fenway Faithful!


Such a fun place!


These are a few of my favorite things…


It was a beautiful day for baseball!




He made it in to a photo… doesn’t do it often.


Beach ball fun!


The amazing view from H’s apartment!

All in all it was a short but oh so sweet trip, I am so happy I got to take part in celebrating 100 years of Fenway Park. ¬† ¬†As a die hard baseball fan it is a dream come true! Oh and we crushed Tampa Bay ūüėČ

‚̧ Kari

April 16, 2012

HMT: Day 10

Would have posted yesterday as Sunday is my long run day however I felt so under the weather that instead of running 3 miles I slept 14 hours… but good news I feel like a champ today so I think it worked. ¬†That said I already had a packed Monday of exercise but I as I refuse to lose any mileage (whatever I can do to keep the distance I run each week on track with my training program) I ran it today. ¬†It felt pretty good, still felt a little sore in the shin area and my arms just felt dead after a round of golf this morning but all things considered I can’t complain. ¬†It hit 86 degrees in my sweet little VT town, 86 degrees in April… say whhhaaatttt??? Now is the time I remember how shit it is to not have AC in my car, oh well totally worth the lovely weather!

On that note it was the first day on the links for me this year, just a simple par 3 course for 9 holes but it felt great to be out there again AND I beat the boy which is always a plus.  Then I had a lovely break and headed to my yoga class, I go to an official class once a week (I would love to go more but time/money limits it) the instructors are fantastic and I really believe it helps me stretch out.  In theory Monday is my day off from running so I can stretch everything out and get loose for the upcoming runs that week.  There are two Paneras in the entire state (I know what you are thinking, and you are right, it is a damn shame) but the one closest to me is down the road from the yoga studio so yes I will always be dining there post class.  It is an addiction that I am not even close to ready to fight.  Fuji apple chicken salad are you kidding me? Perfection.

Day: 10

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 38 minutes/ 12:66 min/m

Temperature: 86 degrees in New England! MAJOR WTF? Hope all those Boston Marathoners did well!

Injuries: shins mostly but manageable.


Post run on the way to my yoga class!


Basically I just really thought the sky looked cool on the way.


Then I plan my life for the week… totally a planner, can’t help it. It helps me TRY to stay on track.

I will post about my quick trip to Boston soon, had such a great time! I hope everyone has a kick ass week:)

‚̧ Kari

April 15, 2012

OOTD: Comfy Chambray


My very first Outfit of the Day post! A few warnings:

1)  I am not known for being stylish.

2) ¬†I will use my iPhone til further notice as I can’t afford nor justify the need for a big girl camera yet.

3) The term budget doesn’t even begin to describe my clothes shopping funds. I look forward to the day I can splurge but it won’t be any time soon.

P.S. My boat shoes will make many appearances. They are my best friends.

Anyway here it goes!

Top: Old Navy

Belt: Target

Scarf: Gifted for Christmas (actually sat in my closet for 4 years but now I love it, thanks Katie!)

Jeggings: JC Penney (for real, $10 is worth trying a trend you aren’t sure of.)

Bracelets and Watch: Kohl’s

So there you have it. My first OOTD. A whopping two pictures in the mirror of my parent’s dining room… let us hope these get better ¬†huh?

‚̧ Kari